Semtech – TS94033: Current Sense Amplifier


The TS94033 is a low power, low offset high side current sense amplifier. It utilizes a chopper stabilized configuration to provide high gain-bandwidth while reducing input offset and 1/f noise. The sense amplifiers offer high voltage inputs and a 0V to 3.3V output. The supply voltage range of 4V to 42V can accommodate a wide variety of applications. A zero current output offset is set by providing a bias voltage on the VOS_REF pin. This allows the ability to sense limited negative currents, improve transient response time, and provide a method to detect faults in the current sense system.

• 4V to 42V supply voltage
• High voltage input
• Low input bias current
• Pedestal voltage for offset compensation
• Low offset
• Low temperature drift
• 8-pin SOT-23 package
• 1k MSRP: $0.29 US