TE Connectivity – Introducing the Poke-In Slim Wire Connector


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TE Connectivity introduces the Poke-in Slim Wire connector, designed for quick and easy wire-to-board and board-to-board connectivity in a low profile, slim form factor.

The releasable contact function along with the design for multiple wire sizes allows for convenience in installation and rework. Additionally, the low profile and small footprint allow for high density and compact PCB designs.


  • Current rating:
    - 10A for wire 18AWG
    - 6A for wire 20AWG and 22AWG
    - 4A for board-to-board connection
  • Voltage rating:
    - 300V AC max.
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +105°C
  • Wire gauge:
    - 2834167-3: 18-22AWG (solid/stranded)
    - 2834171-3: 20-24AWG (solid/stranded)
  • Tin dipped required for stranded (only on 2834171-3)


  • Lighting systems
  • Security
  • Room and area lighting
  • Telecommunication systems

• Allow for quick rework with release function
• Save space with compact design for densely populated PCB layouts
• Bare contact offers size and cost savings from housed poke-in
• Wide range of wire sizes accepted
• Board-to-board mating function

DescriptionPart Number
Releasable Slim Female Contact2834167-3
Ultraminiature Slim Contact2834171-3
Ultraminiature Slim Male Pin Contact2834172-3