Zilog – Motion Sensing Is More Important Than Ever


For Ultra Low Power applications that support a wide array of lenses including Pet Immunity!

The ZMOTION MCU provides all the features and functions needed for
intelligent Intrusion Detection applications.


  • 2KB Flash and 256 Bytes of RAM available for user application code
  • Integrated ZMOTION engine performs all motion detection functions including pet immunity and white light detection
  • API interface to control all engine parameters and tune to various lenses
  • Two 16-bit multi-function timers with PWM outputs
  • 7 channel ADC and analog comparator
  • Full duplex UART
  • On-chip debug interface for application code development
  • 2.7V to 3.3V operation at -40°C to +105°C


  • Wide Area Intrusion Detector
  • Corridor, Curtain, and Vertical Barrier Motion
  • Dual Mode Lighting/Intrusion Detector
  • Secure Access Control
  • Stand-Alone Alarm System
MCU Part NumberFlash Memory (KB)RAM (B)I/OAdvanced AnalogADC InputsPackage
Z8F082A810246--23Yes4--88, 20, 28-pin
Z8F081A810246--25No08, 20, 28-pin
Z8F042A410246--23Yes4--88, 20, 28-pin
Z8F041A410246--25No08, 20, 28-pin
Z8F022A25126--23Yes4--88, 20, 28-pin
Z8F021A25126--25No08, 20, 28-pin
Z8F012A12566--23Yes4--88, 20, 28-pin
Z8F011A12566--25No08, 20, 28-pin