Bosch – BHI160 Low-Power Sensor Hub


The BHI160 is a small, low-power smart-hub with an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer plus a programmable microcontroller. Containing pre installed software and specific algorithms for activity recognition, it is specifically designed to enable always-on motion sensing. It perfectly matches the requirements of applications which demand highly accurate, real-time motion data at very low power consumption, such as activity recognition, step-counting, navigation and augmented reality.

The device integrates our best-in-class 6-axis IMU (BMI160) with an MCU – the new Bosch Sensortec Fuser core. It is bringing you the full Android sensor stack inside your devices – even without having an Android OS or an Android environment. Combining this with the built-in computing power and the highly configurable on-board memory, the BHI160 offers you a low- power solution for motion sensing and data processing. Software included! Programmable! Extendable!

The integration of the powerful Bosch Sensortec BSX Sensor Fusion library – i.e. software – and motion-based algorithms, running on the built-in Fuser core – significantly offloads sensor – and data-processing from the main application processor to the low power companion device BHI160. The BSX sensor fusion library provides a rock-solid solution with the lowest effort and fastest time-to-market altogether giving speed plus a high degree of flexibility to the system designer.


  • Activity recognition of standing, walking, running, biking or in vehicle
  • Step-counting, indoor navigation, PDR
  • HMI interfaces including gesture detection of motion, tilt, pickup, wake up, glance or other gestures for wearables
  • Augmented reality, immersive gaming and music and tilt compensated eCompass
  • Full 9DoF data fusion for highly accurate 3D orientation, quaternions, Euler angles, etc.


  • Wearables such as smart watches, wrist- or neckbands
  • Hearables
  • Mobile phones and tablets
  • Smart-sports and smart-fitness devices
  • Head mounted displays, AR/VR controllers
  • Smart-TV remotes