Triad Magnectics – Current Sense Transformers


Over 30 standard Triad current sense transformer models support low (50Hz to 400Hz) and high frequencies (20kHz to 200kHz), with many UL-approved and all RoHS compliant. They are ideal for a wide range of both common everyday and high-reliability applications that include:
• Overcurrent protection
• Remote power monitoring
• Industrial control equipment
• Inverters and UPS

CSE180L Series Low Frequency
• Monitors current 0.1A to 30A (depending on model)
• Frequency: 50Hz to 400Hz
• Turns: 16.67 to 500
• Integral primary
• Potted version for 4000V isolation
• UL recognized


CST 1000 Series Low Frequency
• Monitors current: 5A to 30A (depending on model)
• Frequency: 50Hz to 400Hz
• Turns: 1000
• Tombstone design for flexibility


CST206/306 High Frequency
• Monitors current: 25A to 110A
• Frequency: 20KHz to 200KHz
• Turns: 50 to 300
• UL rated 130°C materials
• Available with center tap option
• Ideal for wide range of switching power supply applications


CSE5 Series SMD High Frequency
• Monitors current to 10A
• Frequency: 250KHz and greater
• Turns: 20 to 125
• Secondary impedance 80μH to 3000μH
• Maximum secondary DCR: 55mΩ to 8500mΩ


Custom Design Sensors
We’ve designed custom current sense transformers for power supplies, instrumentation, aerospace systems, medical devices, motor speed controls and many more unique applications. The creative minds at Triad will find a powerful custom solution that meets your design requirements, as well as helping you to improve performance, increase reliability, extend life and manage costs.


California Design Center
Our innovative California design center speeds your custom transformer, inductor or power supply from design to prototype to testing to production within weeks.


Quality and Reliability
Our system of in-process inspection, pre-ship audits and failure analysis has allowed many of our customers to eliminate their incoming inspection process while our continuous improvement protocol provides the highest levels of product quality and reliability.

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