Digi International – Digi Xbee Cellular LTE Cat-1


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XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 development kit provides OEMs with a simple, quick way to integrate cellular connectivity into their devices.

Digi offers global wireless connectivity for mission critical applications, purpose-built for demanding, rugged, and noisy industrial environments. Manufacturers are adding wireless connectivity to their products or production line to improve the manufacturing process. With integrated connectivity, manufacturers are better able to get information from the factory floor to centralized management systems to quickly uncover and address any issues long before the product leaves the factory. Manufacturers also want to use connectivity to gather information about equipment in the field.


This information helps monitor equipment, and also allows for software and firmware updates over-the-air, reducing maintenance costs and increasing productivity.

- Convenient Digi data plans available for Digi XBee Cellular
- FCC certified and carrier end-device certified
- Authentic 20-pin XBee TH form factor; smallest end-device certified cellular modem
- Digi XBee Transparent and API modes simplify s/w design
- 3.3V power with low-power options for battery powered applications
- OTA firmware updates
- Digi TrustFenceTM Security features including Secure Boot, SSL/TLS v1.2 and others
- Configure and update firmware locally with free XCTU or remotely with Digi Remote Manager®