Infineon – PROFET 24V Protected Switch Shield with Arduino


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Infineon’s PROFET +24V family of protected high side switches (BTT6xxx) drive resistive, capacitive, and inductive loads. For example – commercial, agricultural, automotive bulbs, valves, motors, relays, capacitors, and LEDs. Using the 24V protected switch shield with Arduino enables fast, cost effective prototyping and evaluation of pin-to-pin compatible PROFET +24V devices.

The shield is equipped with three protected high side power switches out of the PROFET + 24V family (2x BTT6030-2EKA, 1x BTT6020-1EKA). It can be controlled either by an Arduino board (e.g. Arduino Uno, Arduino Due) or the ARM® powered Infineon XMCTM microcontroller kits using the Arduino form factor.

The power switches are controlled via the INx (input) pins. The PROFET + 24V devices also provide a sense current at the IS pin, which can be enabled via the DEN (Diagnosis ENable) pin. For the two channel devices the sensed channel is selected via the DSEL (Diagnosis SELect) pin. For each device the sense signal (IS) is connected to its own ADC channel of the microcontroller.



  • Compatible with Arduino microcontroller boards and Infineon’s XMCTM microcontroller kits using the Arduino form factor
  • Capable of PWM up to 400Hz
  • Driver circuit with logic level inputs
  • Diagnosis with current sense
  • Protection of load and driver circuit, e.g. against over-temperature, overcurrent, ESD


  • 24V grounded high-side loads
  • Suitable for automotive and industrial applications
  • All types of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads
  • Suitable for high and low current loads such as bulbs, valves, relays and LEDs
  • Replaces electromechanical relays, fuses and discrete circuits

Product TypeRDS(on) (typ) [mΩ]RDS(on) (max) at TJ = 150°C [mΩ]Nominal Load Current [A]IL(SC) (typ) [A]Number of ChannelsPackage
BTT6030-2EKA30642 x 4702DSO-14
BTT6050-2EKA501002 x 3472DSO-14
BTT6100-2EKA1002002 x 2.2252DSO-14
BTT6200-4EMA2004004 x 1114SSOP-24

Product TypeRDS(on) (typ) [mΩ]RDS(on) (max) at TJ = 150°C [mΩ]Nominal Load Current [A]IL(SC) (typ) [A]Number of ChannelsPackage
Special PROFET + 24V components for switching cables > 20m cable length
BTT6030-2EKB30642 x 4602DSO-14
BTF6070-2EKV701202 x 2.3112DSO-14