Intersil – ISL85005/A: 12V Synchronous Buck Regulators


The ISL85005 and ISL85005A are monolithic, synchronous buck regulators with integrated 5A, 18V high side and low side FETs. These devices also provide an integrated bootstrap diode for the high side gate driver to reduce the external parts count. These devices have a wide input voltage range to support applications with input voltage from multi-cell batteries or regulated 5V and 12V power rails. The ISL85005 and ISL85005A regulate the output voltage with current mode control and have an internal oscillator. The switching frequency of the ISL85005 is internally set as 500kHz, and can be synchronized to an external clock signal with frequency ranges from 300kHz to 2MHz. The ISL85005A has a fixed 500kHz switching frequency.

• 4.5V to 18V input voltage range
• ±1%, 0.8V feedback voltage reference
• Current mode control with internal slope compensation
• Default internally set 500kHz switching frequency
• Diode emulation mode (DEM) and forced CCM (FCCM) options (ISL85005)
• Output power-good (PG) indicator
• Internal 5A, 18V high side and low side MOSFET switches
• Integrated bootstrap diode with under-voltage detection
• Internal or external compensation options
• Synchronization capability to external clock (ISL85005)
• Adjustable soft start time (ISL85005A)