Intersil – ISL9238/A: Single-Chip USB-C Buck-Boost Battery Chargers


The ISL9238 and ISL9238A operate in forward buck, boost or buck-boost mode to fast charge mobile battery packs with up to 4-cell Li-ion batteries. They also support USB 3.1 On-The-Go (OTG) with 5V/20V reverse buck, boost or buck-boost mode to deliver power out of a USB-C port for charging external devices such as smartphones, headphones or virtual reality goggles. At maximum power, both ICs provide 20V at 5A to the USBC port for delivery of power up to 100W over a reversible USB Type-C connector cable. The ISL9238A features the same capabilities as the ISL9238, but also includes a different SMBus address for OEMs that want to use both ICs to design systems with dual USB-C ports.

• 3.2V to 23.4V input voltage range
• 2.4V to 18.304V system output voltage
• System power monitor PSYS output, IMVP compliant
• PROCHOT# open-drain output, IMVP compliant
• SMBus/I2C programmable
• Battery learn mode calibrates the battery fuel gauge
• Up to 1MHz operation
• ASGATE FET control
• Allows trickle charging of depleted battery
• Autonomous charging option (automatic end of charge control)
• Adapter current and battery current monitor (AMON/BMON)
• Different SMBus address (ISL9238A) to charge a second battery