Linx Technologies – Robust, Weatherized Industrial Dipole Antennas for Industrial Use


The ID Series, 1⁄2-wave center-fed industrial Dipole antenna is a weatherized design with industrial and outdoor applications in mind, such as outdoor meters, solar panel controls and other sensor monitoring and control systems requiring a low cost – but rugged – solution. The plastic and cable are rated for a wide temperature range and UV exposure for long term reliability.

Two standard cable lengths of 1m and 2m allow the antenna to be remote mounted in a position to achieve the best RF performance. An integrated flange makes mounting the antenna simple.

ID Series antennas attach via a standard SMA or Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connector. Custom colors, cable lengths and connectors are available for volume OEM customers.

Wide Temperature Range, UV Protection

The ID Series antenna has a bracket molded into the assembly, which allows for the product to withstand stresses that may occur during installation or operation in an indoor or outdoor environment. This feature also makes this part of the antenna assembly IP-67 rated.

The material used in both the antenna structure and the cable itself have a wide temperature range of -40°C to +80°C with a UV resistance that meets UL 2556 section

Thanks to the advanced design of the integral bracket, we can offer this design at very competitive prices, far lower than other standard industrial antennas in the field. In addition, custom cable lengths are available upon request. Just contact us to discuss the possibilities.


  • Weatherized assembly for outdoor installation
  • UV protection
  • Wide temperature range of -40°C to +80°C
  • IP-67 rating*
  • Outstanding VSWR
  • Standard SMA or Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connector


  • Low cost of implementation
  • Ease of installation
  • Increased range
  • Reduced total cost with long lasting design


  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
  • Machine to Machine (M2M)
  • In-building monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Industrial automation
  • Metering and energy management
  • Home automation
Part NumberDescription
ANT-2.4-ID-1000-RPS2.4GHz ind antenna, 1m, RP-SMA
ANT-2.4-ID-1000-SMA2.4GHz ind antenna, 1m, SMA
ANT-2.4-ID-2000-RPS2.4GHz ind antenna, 2m, RP-SMA
ANT-2.4-ID-2000-SMA2.4GHz ind antenna, 2m, SMA
ANT-868-ID-1000-RPS868MHz ind antenna, 1m, RP-SMA
ANT-868-ID-1000-SMA868MHz ind antenna, 1m, SMA
ANT-868-ID-2000-RPS868MHz ind antenna, 2m, RP-SMA
ANT-868-ID-2000-SMA868MHz ind antenna, 2m, SMA
ANT-916-ID-1000-RPS916MHz ind antenna, 1m, RP-SMA
ANT-916-ID-1000-SMA916MHz ind antenna, 1m, SMA
ANT-916-ID-2000-RPS916MHz ind antenna, 2m, RP-SMA
ANT-916-ID-2000-SMA916MHz ind antenna, 2m, SMA