Mallory – Adds to Their Lineup of Speakers


These new speaker models support applications which require the use of low-frequency sounds, voice, or complex sounds. Most models feature a water-resistant mylar cone and represent a range of size, shape, and mounting options.


New speakers include circular speakers (9 models) with diameters ranging from 10mm to 50mm and mounted speakers (5 models), which feature PC pins that can be inserted into PC boards and wave-soldered. Also included are square speakers (2 models) with mounting brackets and low-profile square speakers (thicknesses of 2.5mm to 7mm), which can be press-fit onto a printed circuit board. Mallory Sonalert’s Vice President of Marketing, Dan O’Brien, explains, “One benefit of both the square speakers and the low-profile square speakers is the ease with which they can be integrated, keeping assembly time and cost low.” These new speakers are suitable for industrial, transportation, medical, computer, communications, and consumer applications.


New speaker series parts are now available for immediate purchase. (Note: New miniature electronic speakers are indicated by product numbers ending in K.)

PSR10N08AK, PSR12N08AK, PSR1511N06S3K, PSR1511N08S2.5K, PSR1511N08S3.5K, PSR1511N08S3K, PSR15N08AK, PSR1609N08S3K, PSR1813N07S2.5K, PSR20N08AK, PSR3520F08S7K, PSR36N08AK, PSR37N45SK, PSR4028F08S11.5K, PSR40N08AK, PSR44N08AK, PSR50F25SK, PB-1517PK, PB-1715PK, PB-2315PK, PB-3212PK, PB-32N10W-12K