Microchip – MCP19122/3: Flexible, Integrated Digitally Enhanced Power Analog Controllers


The MCP19122/3 offer excellent regulation accuracy, in a variable output analog PWM controller with an integrated microcontroller for supervisory and management functions. With analog-based synchronous buck PWM controller and an integrated 8-bit PIC® MCU, they combine the performance of a high speed analog solution, with the configurability and communication interface of a digital solution. MCP19122/3 are designed to deliver industry-leading current measurement by using a lossless inductor current sense method with specialized internal measurement calibrations. The device can directly accept a common mode signal up to 16V and report the load current to within 5% accuracy for most applications, with an emulated average current mode control for hardware-based cycle-by-cycle current limiting.

• 4.5 to 40V operating and 0.3 to 16V output voltage range
• Support synchronous buck, or similar high/low side switch topologies
• Operate from 100kHz to 1.6MHz, adjustable during operation
• Integrated 8-bit PIC® microcontroller with 4kw flash memory and 256B RAM
• Significant configurability (compensation, UVLO, OVLO, start-up behavior, MOSFET deadtime, etc.)
• Integrated MOSFET drivers and high side current sense
• Integrated 10-bit A/D converter
• Integrated I2C interface, capable of PMBus™ support
• In-circuit debug via two pins (MCP19123)
• 12 (MCP19122) or 16 (MCP19123) IO pins and one input-only pin