ON Semiconductor – A New Modular Approach to Industrial IoT


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ON Semiconductor has embraced a ‘mix-and-match’ concept with its IoT Development Kit (IDK), which differentiates itself through modular construction. There are a variety of shields (featuring different sensing, actuation and communication functions) that can be attached to the IDK’s baseboard. With this kit, engineers are given almost limitless scope to prototype and evaluate IoT systems that are aligned with their original design criteria.

The IDK’s connectivity resources cover Wi-Fi, SIGFOX, and 802.15.4 MAC- based. In terms of wireline communication, there are CAN and Ethernet addressing industrial control and factory automation. Through the sensor shields available, engineers can benefit from ambient light, proximity, biochemical, and motion sensing capabilities, as well as heart rate monitoring. Actuator shields cater to the driving of LED strings, stepper motors and brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Furthermore, ON provides access to one of the broadest power management portfolios in the industry with multi-faceted leadership in several areas such as energy efficiency, idle mode power, power density, size and cost efficiency, which has enabled each shield to be optimized for leading power performance.

This kit is fully supported from sensor to server. The software provides access to a suite of development tools including: development toolchain, debugger, libraries, and connectivity protocols.


  • Comprehensive portfolio of sensors, connectivity and actuator devices
  • Individual API for each and every device
  • Complex C Code examples adapted to multiple applications
  • Integrated development environment
  • Full documentation of system hardware and software design
  • Cloud software


  • Process and motor control
  • Climate and lighting control
  • Motion and position control
Registerable DevicesDescriptionBoard
NCV7342CAN TransceiverWired Connectivity: CAN Communication
NCP1083Integrated PoE-PD ControllerWired Connectivity: Power over Ethernet
NCS36000Passive Infrared Detector ControllerSensor: PIR Motion
LC717A30UJCapacitive Touch Sensor ConverterSensor: Touch and Proximity
AMIS-30543Microstepping Motor DriverActuator: Dual Stepper Motor
LV8907UWThree-phase BLDC Motor ControllerActuator: BLDC Motor Control