Eaton Electronics Components are the Hidden Power Driving the Automotive Industry


The automotive electronics industry is expected to double by 2020, with 90% of all modern car innovations involving electronics.* Eaton is at the forefront of developing the products that make automotive electronics more powerful and efficient whether it’s LED lighting, infotainment/telematics, or the electrical system.

Eaton’s inductors, fuses, and supercapacitors enable the latest advancements in automotive technology, including:

  • Providing the processing power to efficiently run the infotainment/telematics functions such as audio, the main power supply, display modules, and communication applications such as USB.
  • LED headlight products with higher luminescence for safety, more energy efficiency, and at a lower cost. Also, the company has developed components for LED products that are being used in interior lights, turn signals, and tail lights.
  • Engine Control Modules (ECM), transmission controls, pumps and fuel management products that will perform better, and withstand the harsh environment and high temperature of being under the hood, especially next to the engine.
  • Recognizing that safety is a priority in a car, Eaton has developed several products that enhance the security and safety of a vehicle including the active safety systems, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance passive safety systems, airbag clusters and traction stability systems. Taking safety a step further, the company’s supercapacitor allows the door locks to still work from the inside and the GPS location to be transmitted if a car accident occurs and the battery is disconnected.

Eaton offers a full line of products including the HCM1A inductor, CC12H fuses for circuit protection, and XV supercapacitors.

HCM1A Inductor:

  • AEC-Q200 Grade 1 compliant
  • Higher current – Up to +155°C
  • Robustness – Molded construction able to withstand harsh environmental, electrical and mechanical conditions
  • Tight thermal coupling – Assures effective heat dissipation under high current conditions
  • Higher inductance values (OCL) – Higher inductance more suitable for higher voltage LED drivers


CC12H Fuses:

  • AEC-Q200 Grade 1 compliant
  • Smaller size – Reduces circuit layout area
  • High in-rush withstand capabilities – Reduces risk of “nuisance” openings
  • Low temperature de-rating – Increases protection against overcurrents at high and low temperatures
  • Broad current range offering up to 30A – Allows proper current rating selection to maximize protection against overcurrents


XV Supercapacitor:

  • Long life cycle – Over 10-year operating life at room temperature
  • Low ESR for high power density
  • Large capacitance for high energy density
  • UL recognized


TV Supercapacitor:

  • Industry leading operating voltage and ESR for higher power and energy
  • Longer lifetime for existing designs with no change in design
  • Size reduction for higher voltage designs
  • Maintenance free, no replacement needed
  • UL recognized

Eaton offers a broad range of electronics components that include power magnetics, circuit protection, supercapacitor and terminal block products. These products serve customers in computing, consumer, energy, industrial, medical and transportation markets.

*Statistics from ABI Research