NorComp – Seal-D® Ruggedized Telematic Connectors


NorComp's SEAL-D® connector family offers a variety of solutions to the challenges encountered in ruggedized telematics applications. These connectors offer 1P67 moisture protection, high mating cycles, and excellent performance in high vibration environments.

NorComp's proprietary sealing process allows for IP67 protection while maintaining industry standard connector footprints and panel space requirements. SEAL-D® connectors are available in both signal only (up to 44 contacts) and Combo-D configurations that offer both signal and power contacts in either 20A or 40A options.


  • Signal/low power in 6 standard sizes:
    (Standard: 9, 15, 25; high density: 15, 26, 44)
  • Combo-D/high power in a variety of configurations:
    (3W3, 5W1, 5W5, 7W2, 9W4, 11W1, 13W3, 13W6, 17W2, 21W1, 21WA4)
  • Solder cup, vertical mount and right angle board mount options
  • High reliability screw machined contacts
  • 2A/5A/20A/40A power options
  • +55°C to +105°C operating temperature range
  • 100% IP compliant guaranteed/made in U.S.A.

GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking

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