ON Semiconductor – Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifiers; Driving Precision and Optimization


When designing automotive applications it is easy to leave the operational amplifier (op amps) as the last link in the system to select and implement. Automotive applications are especially demanding. The below families generate small error post amplification, operate at a high speed, capture transition of signals, and are stable in overdriven conditions. These automotive op amps offer low offset voltage, without sacrificing the performance or paying the premium of the precision op amps. These families allow engineers to migrate up or down the gain–bandwidth product range based on the application need.

ON Semiconductor offers a family of low voltage operational amplifiers with rail-to-rail output drive capability which provides a wide dynamic range of operation. The low operation voltage allows high performance operation in low power applications. Additional features include no output phase reversal with overdriven inputs, a low input offset voltage, low and ultra low input bias current, space saving packages and is AEC−Q100 Qualified.


  • Powertrain
    • Electric Oil Pump
    • HEV Inverter
    • Gasoline Direct Injection
    • Fuel Pressure Rails to Injectors
  • Body Control & Safety
    • Electric Parking Brake
    • Electronic Power Steering
    • Active Suspension
    • Next Gen. PM Emissions Sensors
  • Lighting
    • SMPS Controller Feedback Loop (High Side Current Sensing)
    • Rear Dimming Light (RDL) (Low Side Current Sensing)


Op AmpVCC Min (V)VCC Max (V)ID Typ (mA)GBW Typ (MHz)