Varta – Microbattery NiMH Rechargeable Button Cells for OEM High-Tech Applications


VARTA provides NiMH solutions to major OEM companies for high-tech applications such as notebooks bridging function, memory backups, RAID server backups, eCall/OnStar and real-time clocks in PCs/notebooks, as well as power sources for telecom devices, car lighting and removable car flashlights, remote control devices, GPS-trackers, domestic alarms, car alarms, medical equipment, consumer electronics, solar applications and more.

There are four NiMH button cell families. Each family provides optimal solutions for specific application areas. The families are V…H robust, V…HT robust85C, V…HR powerful, and V…HRT powerful85C. The new V 150 PT product added to the powerful 85C family is for applications requiring higher power such as server backups, vehicle tracking, farm equipment and emergency lighting.

Capacity Range
From V 6 HR to V 600 HRT, and 6mAh up to 600mAh – VARTA provides a full program of rechargeable button cells for all performance requirements.

Quality – Made in Germany

  • Manufactured on highly automated lines
  • Direct replacement for Ni-Cd
  • No memory effect
  • 0% lead, 0% mercury and 0% cadmium
  • UL recognition under file BBET2.MH13654

Battery Guide
Four button cell families with specific strengths and features provide the ideal battery solution for any application.


  • Alarm systems
  • Consumer devices
  • Education
  • Electricity meters
  • Emergency lights
  • Energy harvesting backups
  • GPS terminals
  • Hot swap (notebook)
  • Personal digital assistants (PDAs)
  • Portable lighting
  • Rechargeable flashlights
  • Scanners (bar code reader)
  • Sensors
  • Sensor networks
  • Timers
  • Work lights LED


  • Safety: built-in pressure vent guarantees safety in case of mistreatment
  • Low self discharge: no handling, no charging – ready to use after storage due to superior self discharge performance
  • Cycle life: extended product life time of more than 1000 cycles (IEC)
  • Overcharge capability: cost effective charging system with no need for special components due to patented GCE electrode
  • Deep discharge capability: longer lasting shelf-life with high capacity retention after deep discharge
  • No leakage: direct mounting on PCB possible due to patented crimp sealing system


Self DischargeOverchargeDeep DischargeCycle LifeStorage BehaviorHigh Rate CapacityCharge Efficiency at High TemperatureTemperature Range
V…H Robust++++++++++++++
V…HT Robust85C++++++++++++++++
V…HR Powerful++++++++++++
V…HRT Powerful85C+++++++++++++