Infineon – IRPS5401: Multi-Output PMIC with Integrated Sequencer


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The IRPS5401 is a complete power management unit delivering up to 5 output voltages to processors, FPGAs and other multi-rail power systems. Four high efficiency configurable switching regulators and a Source/Sink Linear regulator provide the typical rails required such as core voltage, memory voltage and I/O voltages.


  • Full power system including 5 integrated outputs
    • 4A, 4A, 2A and 2A switching regulators
    • 500mA source/sink linear regulator
  • Single rail operation 5V to 12V
  • Output range from 0.25V to 5.1V for outputs A-D and 0.5V to 3.6V for LDO
  • Allows combining outputs and/or the use of an external PowerStage to increase output current to as high as 50A
  • Emulated current mode control without external compensation
  • Differential voltage sensing on switcher A for higher accuracy
  • I2C / PMBus with integrated level shifter
  • Advanced sequencing control
  • Extensive PMBus command set of 74 commands
  • Integrated current sensing and full telemetry including voltage, current, temperature and faults
  • Rated for -40°C to +125°C TJ operation
  • Pb-Free, RoHS6, 7x7mm, 56-pin, 0.4mm pitch QFN



  • High density ASIC, FPGA and CPU multi-rail systems
    • Embedded computing systems
    • Communications and storage systems
  • Cinema projectors
  • Antenna systems
  • Security cameras
  • Machine visions
  • Point-to-point wireless access
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Instrumentation analyzers
  • Sonar receiver probes
  • Communications radios
  • Printer control boards

Evaluation Boards


EVAL_PS5401-INTDC/DC Converter5 output PMIC
• 4A + 4A + 2A +2A + 0.5A
EVAL_PS5401-25ADC/DC Converter5 output PMIC with 25A PowerStage
• 4A + 4A + 2A + 0.5A + 25A
EVAL_PS5401-40ADC/DC Converter5 output PMIC with 40A PowerStage
• 4A + 4A + 2A + 0.5A + 40A