Infineon – Standard Human Machine Interface Kit: KIT_XMC4x_HMI_OLED_001


The HMI_OLED-V1 board is an application expansion satellite card of Hexagon Application Kits. The satellite card along with a CPU board (e.g. CPU_45A-V2 board) demonstrates the Human Machine Interface (HMI) capabilities of XMC4500. The main use case for this satellite card is to demonstrate the HMI features of XMC4500 device including the toolchain. The focus is safe operation under evaluation conditions. The board is not cost optimized and cannot be seen as reference design.


  • Connection to CPU board via HMI satellite connector (80-pin)
  • Micro SD card slot – 4-bit SD card mode
  • Passive matrix OLED display, size: 1.54”, 160 x 128 pixel
  • 2.5mm stereo receptacle for audio headsets
  • Stereo audio codec TLV320AIC3204
  • 2 touch buttons with LEDs
  • I2C based IO expander with 8 channels
  • Single side assembly of all parts
  • 2 LEDs indicating power (3.3V, 13V)
  • Power supply from CPU board via HMI satellite connector (80-pin)


  • Motor control and drives
  • Motorcycles, e-bikes and small e-vehicles
  • Solar energy systems
  • Wind energy systems