Maxim Integrated – MAX77650/MAX77651: Ultra-Low Power PMIC with 3-Output SIMO and Charger

The MAX77650 and MAX77651 feature single inductor multiple output (SIMO) buck-boost regulators that provide three independently programmable power rails from a single inductor, 150mA LDO, and three current sink drivers to reduce overall component count and maximize available board space. For desigexibility, the MAX77650 operates up to 3.3V and the  MAX77651 operates up to 5V—both include an analog multiplexer (MUX) output for safe battery monitoring, making them ideal for low power designs.


  • Smart Power Selector™ Li+/Li-Poly charger
  • 150mA LDO and 3-channel current sink drive
  • Programmable fast-charge current from 7.5mA to 300mA
  • Programmable termination current from 0.375mA to 45mA
  • 19.2mm2 total solution size• 3-Output buck-boost regulator
  • 5.6µA operating current (3 SIMO channels + LDO)
  • Programmable battery regulation voltage from  3.6V to 4.6V
  • I2C compatible interface and GPIO
  • 1k MSRP: $1.99