Microchip – CL88020: Sequential Linear LED Driver

The CL88020 LED driver integrated circuit (IC) is an off-line sequential linear LED driver designed to provide 8.5W of LED power from a 120VAC nominal input voltage. CL88020 is designed to drive a long string of inexpensive, low current LEDs directly from the AC mains. A basic driver circuit consists of Microchip Technology Inc.’s CL88020 LED driver IC, six resistors and a bridge rectier. Two to four additional components are optional for various levels of transient protection, also with a low cost NTC to assure remote over-temperature protection (OTP). No capacitors, EMlters, or power factor correction circuits are needed unless the optional reduced light output ripple feature is desired.


  • 120VAC ±15% input voltage
  • Programmable over-temperature protection
  • Four taps with two current set resistors
  • Typical line regulation of -12% to +0%
  • 8.5W output power• TRIAC dimmer compatible
  • 8-Lead SOIC package