SCHURTER – Metal Line Switches Glow with 7 Luminescent Multicolor Options


SCHURTER’s MSM series, metal line push-button switches are capable of multiple illumination possibilities.

The illumination provides a homogeneous quality in a ring illuminated style, or complete actuator area illumination. Status indication is possible in 7 different colors in a single product.

The setting of the individual colors is particularly easy to realize by means of the wire connectors, which are conveniently coded. Three flat plug connectors are used to control the colors red, green and blue. By combining several flat plug connectors, the additive colors cyan, magenta, yellow or white can be created.

The new MSM multicolor family offers the same diameters as the standard ring illuminated version in 16, 19, 22 and 30mm. The switch family is IP67 and IK07 rated.


  • 7 different color options with 1 switch
  • Switching function: momentary
  • Supply voltage: 24VDC
  • Switching voltage: 250VAC/30VDC max.
  • Switching current: 10A/100mA max.
  • Switching power: 2500W/3W


  • Industrial machinery
  • Vending and ticketing machines
  • Pro-sound equipment
  • Commercial food service appliances, e.g. espresso machines
  • Medical and dental equipment