Smart STidget Spinner


Future Electronics and ST Micro present the latest spinner craze. Let the STiget’s colorful LEDs and calming spinning spark your creative juice. Sit down for a couple of minutes to engage with the spinner – it will help you focus. It will free you mind so that you will be able to spin new ideas and opportunities in the Future.

The following STMicroelectronics parts were used to develop the STidget:

  • Ultra Low Power MCU: STM32L051K6U6
  • Gyro/Accelerometer MEMS Module: LSM6DS3TR
  • Light/Proximity Sensor: VL6180XV0NR/1
  • Bluetooth Module: SPBTLE-RF
  • Temperature Sensor: STTS2004B2DN3F
  • LDO regulator: LDK320AM30R

To get started, select your device platform:

TIME TO MARKET is key for customers. Let the new STidget Spinner from Future Electronics and STMicroelectronics help unleash your next idea!

Why choose to develop with STMicrolectronics?

STMicrolectronics has made development fast and affordable through the STM32 Open Development Environment. Select from a myriad of Nucleo development and expansion boards to prototype innovative devices and applications based on the STM32 MCU family. Use the STM32CubeMX, which provides all the drivers and middleware, to generate initialization C code quickly. Finally, compile and debug with your favourite IDE including free ones like Keil (for STM32L0/F0), AC6, Atollic, ARMembed and CooCox.