ams – SL900A EPC Sensor Tag and Data Logger IC

The SL900A is an EPC tag IC operating in semi-passive mode (battery-assisted passive) as well as in fully passive mode. The chip is ideal for applications using thin and flexible batteries (1.5V or 3V) for autonomous logging from the integrated temperature sensor or external sensors with time-stamp from on-chip real-time clock (RTC).


  • Energy harvesting
  • Passive and semi-passive operation
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • 9k-bit EEPROM and RTC
  • Integrated shelf-life algorithm


  • Provides supply for external circuitry
  • Works with or without battery
  • Enables temperature logging
  • Stores up to 841 time-stamped events
  • Provides expire date alert

The SL900A device is ideal suited for:

  • Monitoring and tracking of temperature-sensitive products
  • Temperature monitoring of medical products
  • Pharmaceutical logistics
  • Monitoring of fragile goods transportation
  • Dynamic shelf life applications
  • RFID to SPI interface


SL900 Cold Chain Management

How do you track the temperature history of perishable items like medicine, food or flowers during storage and shipment?

Go to to view the demonstration video that shows how the SL900 UHF RFID data logger IC can be incorporated with a printed battery and printed antenna to create a data-logging UHF tag. Temperature readings are automatically made and stored periodically. The history can then be read using a UHF RFID reader using the EPC standard.

Temperature Logging for Cold Chain Management

With the SL900, ams is adding a new dimension to RFID technology. It is the perfect semiconductor solution for cold chain management. The SL900 sensor tag can take measurements with an interval between 1s and 9hrs and store up to 841 measurements on chip in non-volatile memory. It is an extremely flexible IC, which can run for over 1 year on a 30mA battery.

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