GCT – Ultra Low Profile Micro USB and Next-Gen USB Type-C Empower GCT’s Interconnect Range


GCT’s comprehensive selection of USB connectors are designed with versatility in mind. Covering a wide variety of applications, they are available with various combinations of form factors, interface and version types to meet your exact requirements.

One of GCT’s latest innovations available through Future Electronics is the USB3160 Vertical Micro USB connector with one of the lowest profiles available in the entire market. A mere 5.20mm height above the PCB surface, it meets the increasing demand for smaller and more compact devices. Three different shell stake lengths (0.70, 1.20 and 1.70mm) offer customers even greater flexibility when applications such as wearable and mobile technology demand compact designs. Combined with enhanced high current rating for charging at 2.8A (a full 1A over standard products) this makes it perfect for fast charging application requirements.

However, if you’re looking for the latest USB innovations, GCT’s high performance USB Type-C connectors set new market standards in design flexibility, transfer speed, power and usability. They are ready for next generation applications, supporting HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA. Certified to USBIF TID standards, the connectors also support USB Power Delivery standards of charging capability, with rapid charging up to 100W. The drawn metal shell design for horizontal parts provides superior EMI shielding compared to stamped sheet metal housings.


  • Consumer electronics
  • Personal computing
  • Docking and charging
  • Mobile and smart devices