Diodes Inc. – AL16937: Buck Dimmable LED Driver

The AL16937 is a high performance, high power factor, high efficiency, and high current precision buck dimmable LED driver for triac dimmable LED lamp applications. The wide switching frequency operates at boundary conduction mode (BCM) to ease EMI/EMC design and testing, and to meet the latest regulatory standards. The AL16937 LED driver integrates 400V/3A MOSFET and has the built-in thermal fold-back protection trigger point to automatically reduce output current.


  • ± 3% current sense tolerance
  • 210μA operation current
  • Wide range of dimmer compatibility
  • NEMA SSL6 dimming curve compliant
  • Leading-edge blanking
  • 100μA startup current
  • Single winding inductor
  • Integration of 400V/3A MOSFET
  • Internal under-voltage lockout
  • SO-7 package