Microchip – MCP6411: 1MHz Operational Amplifier with EMI Filtering

The MCP6411 is a single general purpose op amp offering integrated EMI protection and rail-to-rail input/output over the 1.7 to 5.5V operating range. This amplifier has a typical Gain Bandwidth Product (GBWP) of 1 MHz with typical quiescent current of 50 uA. The MCP6411 has enhanced EMI protection to minimize any electromagnetic interference from external sources. This feature makes it well suited for EMI sensitive applications such as power lines, radio stations and mobile communications.

  • 50μA quiescent current
  • 90dB EMIRR at 1.8GHz
  • 1MHz GBWP
  • 0.5V/μs slew rate
  • No phase reversal
  • ±1.0mV maximum input offset voltage
  • 1.7V to 5.5V supply voltage range
  • Rail-to-rail input/output
  • Unity gain stable
  • SC70-5, SOT-23-5 packages