Panasonic – DJ-H Series Latching Relays for Building Automation

Panasonic 1 Form A 50A Latching Relays for Building Automation – IoT Switching Actuators, Suitable For Lighting And Motor Loads

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in relay products, introduces the new DJ-H Series relays product line. The new DJ-H Series relays are single-coil or double-coil latching relays containing a UL rating for electronic ballast load of 20A at 277VAC/347VAC. This is the main switching requirement for lighting controls set by industry standard NEMA 410. DJ-H Series relays are also rated for 50A at 277VAC (or 30A at 480VAC) nominal resistive switching capacity. DJ-H Series relays are capable of withstanding ballast loads up to 347VAC required for the Canadian lighting market and have a TV-20 inrush rating. A manual switch lever is also available. The nominal operating power for the single-coil latching is 1,000mW and double-coil latching is 2,000mW contributing to higher energy savings. DJ-H Series relays are ideal for applications such as lighting control, shutters, and blind controls.

With the new DJ-H Series, Panasonic launches a latching relay to meet the requirements of the IoT and building automation market for switching actuators. The DJ-H Series power relay is equipped with a manual lever acting as a test button to allow electric installation service personnel to check circuits. It handles inrush currents created by capacitive load types like fluorescent lamps. Due to its cleverly designed internal structure and the excellent contact material, the relay switches 50A at 277VAC (resistive load) and is certified for fluorescent lamp loads acc. to IEC 60669-1 at 200μF/20A and 250VAC.


  • High capacity power relay with manual switch
  • 20A at 27/347VAC electronic ballast rating (for Canadian market)
  • Conforms to NEMA 410 standard for 347VAC
  • 9.5mm clearance and 12.7mm creepage
  • Maximum switching voltage of 480VAC
  • 5,540W Tungsten load (TV-20 rating)
  • 4,000V isolation between contact and coil
  • Low coil power consumption
    - 100mW (single-coil latching)
    - 200mW (double-coil latching)
  • Maximum ambient operation temperature at +85°C
  • Flux resistant construction
  • Various DC coil options: 5V, 12V and 24V
  • 12kV surge breakdown voltage
  • High inrush capability
    - 20A at 250VAC capacitive load (200μF)
  • Supports manual operation
    - Manual switch type available
  • IEC 60669-1 compliant
  • UL/C-UL approved
  • RoHS/REACH compliant

  • Lighting
  • Building automation
  • Industrial
  • Lighting controls
  • Shutter and sunblind control
  • Power distribution unit (PDU)
  • Industrial controls


Resistive50A at 277 VAC85°C10k
Resistive40A at 347 VAC40°C20k
Resistive30A at 480 VAC40°C20k
Tungsten5540W at 277VAC40°C25k
Standard ballast20A at 120/277VAC85°C30k
Standard ballast15A at 347VAC85°C30k
Electronic ballast20A at 277VAC85°C6k
Electronic ballast20A at 347VAC85°C6k