Renesas – Introducing the New RX65N: Specifically Tailored for Today’s Embedded Processing Challenges

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Renesas’ new RX65N MCU, the latest addition to the RX600 Series, is architected to address the fast-changing requirements of today’s embedded processing applications. Offering a rich feature set, advanced security capabilities, and the superior 120 MHz Renesas RX v2 CPU core, the RX65N provides dual-bank flash memory with best-in-class speed, the fastest interrupt response time, and built-in hardware DSP, all in a cost-efficient, low-power 40-nm process.

Powerful single-chip solution
– No need for external memory


Performance without Sacrifice

  • Dual-bank flash memory running at 50 MHz – over 60% faster interrupt response time vs. competitive MCUs
  • Superior RXv2 CPU core with FPU
  • Optimized DSP performance with 32-bit barrel shifter

On-Chip Security for Today’s IoT

  • Cost-effective Trusted-Secure IP (TSIP™) with embedded root key and Crypto engine
  • Ideal for root-of-trust secure systems requirements



Advanced RX65N capabilities fit the requirements of today’s embedded applications.

The powerful RX65N 32-bit MCU with Ethernet, TFT controller, security, and dual-bank flash with on-the-fly firmware updates is ideal for industrial and building automation requirements. The combination of a low-power 40-nm process with high-performance CPU is perfect for metering applications. The on-chip 2 MB of flash memory, built-in motor control timers, and DSP capabilities are optimal for advanced medical applications. And the built-in DSP and Ethernet features are ideally suited for digital audio.

Efficient HMI Support

  • Embedded TFT Display controller and 2D accelerator
  • 384 KB RAM dedicated to LCD function
  • Drives WQVGA resolution with double buffering, without the need for external memory


Get a Renesas RX65N Kit (#YRTK50565N2S00000BE)