Renesas – Renesas Synergy™ Embedded Processing Platform: All-Inclusive Software Platform Solution Accelerates Design Innovation

With ever-shrinking time to market, developers are facing increased pressure to get more products with more features to market, but on the same or truncated timetables as in years past. This leaves little to no time to properly research the latest microprocessors, tools, and software packages to create differentiated products. Inevitably, as products are rushed to consumers’ hands, software quality also suffers with escaping bugs and missing product features, leading to returns, monetary losses, and an erosion of market potential.

The innovative Renesas Synergy Platform aims to help reduce these pitfalls in product development by giving control back to the developer and allowing them to focus on what matters most: creating innovative and differentiated applications on time with high quality. The platform consists of a qualified and tested RTOS and middleware package with an extensible and easy-to-use framework for leveraging third-party software, stacks, IP, or solutions. All of this runs on Arm® Cortex®-M microcontrollers (MCU) with a wide selection of peripherals to meet the exact needs of developers.

Challenges for the New Market

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Unprecedented software quality. Fully warrantied by Renesas.

The Synergy Software Package (SSP) is the core of the Synergy platform and provides an extensible framework with a ThreadX® -based RTOS and accompanying middleware and drivers, fully warrantied and supported by Renesas. Software quality is a big aspect of the SSP, and the software quality assurance (SQA) process is based on ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 standards. Renesas warrants SSP operation against the publicly available SSP software datasheet, a first for the microcontroller industry. Renesas stands behind not only its hardware, but the software as well, meaning developers can innovate at the application layer instead of reinventing low-level device drivers and libraries.

Third parties can extend the feature set of Synergy by providing their own software and hardware packages that stitch seamlessly into the Synergy framework. Verified software add-ons are tested by Renesas to ensure compatibility with each SSP release, and partner projects allow third parties to highlight the capabilities of the Synergy platform with their innovative extensions. These add-ons are showcased in the Synergy Gallery, allowing for easy download and inclusion in a developer’s project.

Scalable hardware and software.

Scalability is at the core DNA of the Synergy platform. The four families of Synergy Arm MCUs are pinned out with similar feature sets in the same locations for each family. Additionally, similar peripherals in each family have the same register addresses and functionality, allowing the use of the same APIs. This allows the developer to scale their design with little to no change in software and hardware.

The Arm MCUs in the Synergy family have well over 60 variants and counting, with variable peripherals, feature sets, and package types. This wide variety allows a developer to easily scale up or down based on their project requirement. Developers can now invest in a platform and reuse a significant portion of their hardware and software development cycles across multiple product variants.



Tools should not be the last thing you think about.

The RTOS, middleware, and tools are an often-overlooked part of the embedded software development process. However, these are some of the most critical pieces of the software puzzle as they form the basis for everything that will be developed on top of it.

With Synergy, everything needed for development is included with the platform. This includes the RTOS from ThreadX® and the accompanying middleware. Synergy works with the Eclipse-based Renesas e2 studio or with Embedded Workbench® from IAR Systems. As an added benefit, both the Arm GCC and IAR compilers can be used under-the-hood of e2 studio. Using IAR under e2 studio gives the developer the best of both worlds: the highly efficient IAR compiler inside an Eclipse-based development environment. Synergy provides all of this, with no additional licenses or seat costs.


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