NICHIA — Launch of White LED That Offers Ultra-High CRI: Optisolis

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To improve the quality of light in a new generation of demanding lighting applications, NICHIA has developed a family of white LEDs named Optisolis which offers ultra-high Color Rendering Index (CRI) values.

The light output from the Optisolis range of LEDs has the closest possible match to that of natural light. The Optisolis LEDs are optimized for the general lighting market.

The outstanding performance of the new LEDs is the result of the application of proprietary NICHIA blue chip and phosphor technology.

Lighting equipment manufacturers can use Optisolis LEDs to enable artificial lighting schemes in which all colors appear almost exactly as they would under the light of a reference light source. In addition, since ultraviolet emissions are almost non-existent in the Optisolis spectrum, degradation caused by irradiation is dramatically reduced compared to the damage caused by the UV emissions from other commercially available LEDs.

The Optisolis family consists of two series, the NF2W757G-F1 and NF2L757G-F1. Both series are housed in a 3 x 3 x 0.65mm package.



  • Typical luminous flux:
    - NF2W757G-F1: 23.0lm at 65mA
    - NF2L757G-F1: 24.1lm at 65mA
  • Minimum 95 CRI
  • 3.3V maximum forward voltage
  • 120° directivity
  • +120°C maximum junction temperature


  • Lighting in museums and art galleries
  • Color testers and colorimeters
  • Retail lighting
  • Commercial lighting