ON Semiconductor — Smart Lighting: Power Efficient Designs for IoT Lighting

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Smart lighting is an emerging IoT technology that allows central and remote management of lighting systems across homes, buildings, and cities. The key advantage of this system is its ability to address individual or groups of light sources to adjust for mood, occupancy, and even energy conservation objectives. A smart lighting system requires that connectivity, sensors and high performance lighting drivers must all coexist in the same end application.

One of the best supporting technologies for smart lighting is Power Over Ethernet (PoE). PoE resolves the need for multiple connections. PoE is a system that can safely and effectively transfer both power and data over a standard twisted pair cable within an Ethernet network. This standardized technology increases network device compatibility, ease of device deployment, device life cycle savings, system reliability, and safety. Lighting systems can be easily linked and powered with this simple type of connection.

ON Semiconductor offers a complete solution for smart lighting: sensors, PoE controllers, high-efficiency bridge rectifiers, voltage regulators, and LED drivers. ON Semiconductor also offers an IoT Development Kit that allows for rapid prototyping of PoE, lighting, and sensor functions.

The Tools to Help:

  • Passive infrared shield evaluation board for use with IoT Development Kit
  • LED driver shield evaluation board for use with IoT Development Kit
  • PoE shield evaluation board for use with IoT Development Kit
  • Full turn-key power supply design solutions and BOM Cost Calculator
  • Design worksheet and layout guidelines
  • Simulation models



  • Analog and PWM dimming compatibility
  • Quadratic analog dimming curve (Version A)
  • Low standby and operation current: 240/300μA


  • High voltage start-up
  • Direct optocoupler feedback
  • Suite of robust protection features


  • Replaces diode bridge
  • Low RDS(on) rated 80V
  • Low power loss with GreenBridge

The Devices to Use:

ProductDescriptionEvaluation BoardIDK Eval Shield
NCL3016xConstant current regulator for high power LEDsNCL30160GEVBD-LED-B-GEVK
FL7760 Dimmable 60V controller for LEDs-D-LED-B-GEVK
NCV78763Dual LED driver and power ballastNV78763RLA11GEVKD-LED-B-GEVK
NCL30060 High power factor, single stage LED driverNCL30060LED1GEVBD-LED-B-GEVK
NCP108xPoE-PD and DC-DC converter/controllerNCP1081SPCGEVBPOE-GEVB
NCP108xPoE-PD and DC-DC converter/controllerNCP1083QBCGEVBPOE-GEVB
NCP108xPoE-PD and DC-DC converter/controllerNCP1083WIRGEVBPOE-GEVB
NCP109xHigh power PoE-PD interface controllerNCP1090GEVBPOE-GEVB
NCP109xHigh power PoE-PD interface controllerNCP1094GEVBPOE-GEVB
NCS36000Passive infrared detector controllerNCS36000GEVBPIR-GEVB
FDMQ8205 High-efficiency bridge rectifiers-