Renesas — DALI 2 Lighting – Complete Hardware and Software Solutions

Hardware & Software designed for IEC 62386 Version 2 (DALI 2.0) compliance

The digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) enables lighting devices from different manufacturers to communicate via an open control protocol, allowing interoperability and compliance for dimming and lighting control. The Renesas Synergy S128 MCU group is a 32 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M0+ MCU with 256 KB of flash and 24 KB of SRAM.

The S128 MCU Group includes a DALI 2 hardware module that is designed for compliance to IEC 62386 Version 2 (DALI 2.0) protocols. In addition, the S128 MCU Group features a comprehensive set of digital and analog peripherals that enables development of differentiated and compelling lighting products.


DALI hardware is only one part of the equation when developing a lighting solution. Renesas has partnered with CS Lab to provide a robust and standards-compliant DALI stack that can be fully integrated with the Synergy Software Package (SSP). An evaluation version of the DALI 2.0 compliant stack is available from the Synergy gallery as a Verified Software Add-on. Licenses for production use can be obtained directly from CS Lab.

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Rapid DALI 2 Prototyping with the S128 Development Kit (Part no. YSDKS128E10)

Renesas provides the Synergy S128 development kit (DK-S128) for rapid prototyping of your next design. The kit allows access to all pins on the S128 MCU, and features an on-board DALI interface connector that enables developers to quickly create DALI master or slave device configurations. The DK-S128 features a J-Link® onboard interface for easy programming and debugging. Other features available on the DK-S128 are capacitive touch sliders and buttons, USB, CAN, and RS232/RS485.