STMicroelectronics — Replace Schottky with Field-Effect

STMicroelectronics NPI_LOGO
STMicroelectronics’ new series of 60V and 100 V field-effect rectifier diodes (FERD) range from 20A to 40A with 6 package options. Based on a proprietary process, these diodes achieve the best-in-class VF/IR trade-off for a given chip surface. These diodes deliver much better intrinsic performance than traditional Schottky-structured diodes of equivalent voltage and current ratings.

A lower VF diode with better control of leakage current integrated into a smaller die enables designers to use smaller packages. This results in higher application compactness, with potential cost benefits.


  • Lower VF x IR than corresponding Schottky diode
  • Smaller chip than Schottky for the same current rating
  • Lower thermal coefficient
  • Unique 30A device in DPAK
  • ECOPACK 2 components


  • Improves application efficiency and thermal performance
  • Wide selection of 26 devices
  • Easier compact design at competitive prices
  • Best performance reproducibility thanks to low VF/IR variations over current, voltage, and temperature ranges
  • Higher reliability thanks to a lower leakage current


  • Industrial power factory automation
  • Tooling chargers
  • Auxiliary power server and telecom power
  • Air-conditioning
  • Home appliances
  • UPS
  • DC/DC converters
  • SMPS
  • USB chargers