Diodes Inc. — DGD2136: Three-Phase Half Bridge Gate Driver

The DGD2136 is a three-phase gate driver IC designed for high-voltage/high-speed applications, driving N-channel MOSFETs and IGBTs in a half bridge configuration. High-voltage processing techniques enable the DGD2136’s high side to switch to 600V in a bootstrap operation. Its logic inputs are compatible with standard TTL and CMOS levels (down to 3.3V) for easy interfacing with controlling devices and are enabled low to better function in high noise environments. The driver outputs feature high-pulse current buffers designed for minimum driver cross conduction. A shoot-through protection logic prevents both outputs from being high when both inputs are high (fault state), an under-voltage lockout for VCC shuts down the respective high side output. An over-current protection will terminate the six outputs.


  • 200mA source/350mA sink output current capability
  • 3.3V logic input
  • Matched prop delay for all channels
  • Schmitt triggered logic inputs
  • Under-voltage lockout for all channels
  • Overcurrent protection shuts down drivers
  • Outputs tolerant to negative transients, dV/dt immune
  • 290ns internal dead time to protect MOSFETs
  • Outputs out of phase with inputs
  • Cross conduction prevention logic
  • -40°C to +125°C temperature range