Epson — Epson S1D13513 Display Controller with HW Graphics Engine for High-Resolution Color TFT Panels

Flagship display controller IC offers rich graphics functions and easy-to-use development tools to reduce time-to-market.

The S1D13513 from Epson’s broad LCD controller portfolio is a highly integrated display controller capable of supporting TFT LCD panels up to XGA resolutions. With the flexibility of an external SDRAM memory interface, the low-power, cost effective IC supports a wide variety of MCUs and display panels of all major suppliers.

Powered by the built-in hardware graphics engine, the S1D13513 offers several image processing capabilities including 2D BitBLT, sprite, multiple-layer and double buffered windows, alpha blending, gamma correction, mirror/rotation functions and 4-channel PWM for backlight control. In addition, a dual port camera interface with resize function and raw JPEG capture is supported to handle digital video. These features aid to offload the host CPU, and offer superior, easy-to-use display capabilities in target applications.

The S1D13513 is part of Epson’s broad portfolio of color TFT display controllers including the popular S1D13781, S1D13L01 and S1D13517 that support QVGA to XGA display resolutions. Reference designs with popular MCUs and panels, evaluation boards supporting Arduino® and mbed®, and development tools including SEGGER emWin® are available to enable fast prototyping and short time-to-market.


  • QVGA to XGA (1024 x 768 at16bpp) resolutions
  • External SDRAM support up to 64MB
  • RGB interface to panels (16/18/24-bit TFT)
  • Multi-layer PIP, alpha blending, gamma correction
  • Hardware acceleration for 2D BitBLT, sprite
  • 4-ch PWM for backlight control

Ideal for color TFT displays in:

  • Home and building automation
  • Industrial controls
  • Home appliances
  • Medical monitoring devices