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Microsemi‘s Award Winning PolarFire FPGA

The Avalanche Development Kit allows developers to quickly prototype for the lowest-power mid-range FPGA platform on the market. At the heart of the kit is a 300k LE (logic element) PolarFire non-volatile FPGA from Microsemi. The PolarFire FPGA family is a cost optimized, lowest-power mid-range density FPGA family with proven security and exceptional reliability.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of peripherals that can be connected to the Avalanche kit. Developers can work with all kinds of sensors, drivers, displays, wireless modules, etc.

AVMPF300TS-02-NA (comes with Gold Libero License)



Best in Class Features of PolarFire FPGAs

  • Lowest-power Flash-based FPGA
  • Lowest cost 10G SERDES based FPGA
  • Lowest cost DDR4 and high-speed I/O solutions
  • Smallest form factors
    - 11 x 11mm 100KLE
    - 11 x 14.5mm 200KLE
    - 16 x 16mm 300KLE
  • Highest security
  • SEU immune fabric
  • Flash-based, no configuration chip required
  • 2-5x more 3.3V I/O

Mi-V/RISC-V Ecosystem

The Future Electronics Creative Board with the Igloo2 FPGA now brings RISC-V to another level! A 32 bit RISC-V processor is pre-programmed into the IGLOO2 on the RISC-V Creative Board. Firmware engineers can start developing their C/C++ code out of the box using SoftConsole IDE version 5.1 or higher. The complete Microsemi Mi-V RISC-V ecosystem contains the following:

  • Out of the box reference design runs a hello world demo on the Creative Board
  • Recently introduced RISC-V IP core
  • Libero development software to modify FPGA logic for your design
  • SoftConsole 5.1 IDE for Linux – and Windows. Includes a compiler and debugger for Microsemi’s RISC-V IP core
  • Microsemi IGLOO2 FPGA 25k LE device to develop your design


  • Igloo2 FPGA with 25K logic elements, offering more resources in low-density devices.
  • Lowest-power, highest reliability, SEU immune flash-based FPGA



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