ON Semiconductor — Changing the Listening Experience: Ultra-Low-Power Meets a One-Stop Chip

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In the last couple of years there has been a re-evolution of the audible space. Small wearable speakers now sit on the wrist and listening home assistant devices sit on the coffee table. What is changing? Consumers are finding immense value with computers that are able to fit in the ear and play music well. Standard audio playback, touch/tap interface, voice trigger, wireless connectivity, motion detection, call handing, and health monitoring are now becoming integrated into the same consumer device.

The modern design discussion is not whether the device is wired or wireless but rather what audible resolution can you push out of a low powered device? What physical or audible control systems are being utilized? What additional sensors can be integrated? And how can features like noise cancellation and sound synchronization enhance the listening experience?

ON Semiconductor’s  LC823450 is an ultra-low-power single-chip solution for the re-evolution in the audible space. Compared to the next large-scale integration (LSI) solution the  LC823450 has a 1.7 times longer battery life. This device can provide over 120 hours in playback off of two AAA batteries. This is packaged into a small 5.33 x 5.52mm device that integrates an ARM® Cortex®-M3 dual core MCU, proprietary 32-bit DSP, ADC/DAC, high resolution playback, and memory.

Make sure to integrate the RSL10 with the LC823450 for ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5 connectivity.


  • Evaluation kit
  • Reference design
  • Application notes
  • Firmware/software support


  • Truly wireless headphones
  • Fitness/activity trackers
  • Sports headphones
  • Single ear headsets
  • AR/VR headsets
  • Wireless speakers


  • Highly-integrated system on chip (CPU+DSP+Audio)
  • Over 120 hours playback with 2*AAA batteries
  • MP3 hardware decoding at 4.8mA (128Kbps)
  • Integrated low power D-class amplifier
  • Low-power DSP operation


Electronic Assistant/Voice Interface Solution

LC823450 – Low-Power & High-Resolution Audio Processing System LSI

LC823450XGEVK – System Evaluation Board Kit