Renesas — Introducing the New Renesas RX130 Touch-Enabled MCU: Best-in-Class 2nd-Generation 5 Capacitive Touch Technology

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The new Renesas RX130 32-bit microcontroller includes a 36-channel capacitive touch sensor unit (CTSU) that uses a proprietary new detection method to improve noise immunity, sensitivity, and water resistance in touch-enabled applications. This improved CTSU increases reliability and robustness, allowing touch keys to be applied to a wide range of materials such as wood panels, as opposed to typically used acrylic or glass.

The robustness of the new CTSU found in the RX130 makes it an ideal fit for consumer electronics products that are used in wet environments such as in the kitchen or bathroom – and the ability to support touch operation while wearing gloves makes the RX130 well suited for industrial requirements as well. The RX130 has built-in functional safety hardware and can easily support the IEC/UL60730 safety standard for consumer electronics. The RX130 also operates at a maximum voltage up to 5.5 volts, a key requirement for home and factory applications requiring touch.

Supports button, slider or wheel – up to 36 channels!

RX130 Enables Single-chip Touch Key Implementation

Now offering up to 512 KB of Flash memory and 48 KB of SRAM, the RX130 enables single-chip implementation for many touch applications. Traditionally, touch developers use separate devices for managing the user interface commands and touch key support in touch-enabled designs. But with larger on-chip memory and a wide range of key peripherals, the RX130 can now consolidate these two requirements into one low-cost, low-power 32-bit MCU.

Get Started with the Easy-to-Use Development System

Renesas makes it easy to get started with touch key development with the RX130 Capacitive Touch Evaluation System. This development platform simplifies the process of evaluating various touch functions (button, slider, wheel, matrix key, and proximity sensor) and even includes an auto calibration tool that accelerates touch key design.

Offering superior touch key technology in a low-power, low-cost 32-bit MCU, including an easy-to-use Touch Development System, the new RX130 has everything needed for today’s touch key applications – and tomorrow’s.

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