Renesas — Renesas Synergy™ Platform: Amp Up Your Visual Style with Renesas Synergy Featuring GUIX™

Renesas     GUIX
Resource-constrained embedded IoT devices have always been forced to make the tradeoff between resource-intensive visual style, low power and performance. However, with the latest GUIX™ and GUIX™ Design Studio solutions from Express Logic running in conjunction with Renesas Synergy S5 and S7 Series MCUs, you can now create fluid and visually appealing user interfaces with small resource footprints and fast execution times.

Graphics accelerators free up valuable CPU resources

Express Logic’s GUIX takes advantage of the native graphics accelerators built into the Synergy S5 and S7 Series MCUs. S5 and S7 MCUs provide built-in graphics LCD controllers, which can support many of the TFT LCD screens on the market today for HMI applications. Depending on the number of layers and animations, screens up to WVGA can be supported.

Additionally, S5 and S7 Series devices have 2D drawing engines in hardware, which allow for updating the image frame buffer and offloading of the core CPU. The 2D drawing engine supports vector drawing to make it easier to implement features like anti-aliasing and blurring effects. It also supports bit block transfer (BitBLT) to combine multiple bitmap objects.

Latest GUIX version complements Renesas Synergy hardware and software

Renesas Synergy supports the latest version of GUIX from Express Logic. Using the GUIX Design Studio WYSIWYG screen design environment, you can create modern and fluid interfaces in a simple drag-and-drop interface. The generated C code is a direct drop-in to your Synergy project, working directly with the Synergy Software Package (SSP) and ThreadX® real-time operating system. Synergy and GUIX allow you to concentrate on the part of your design that matters most – the look and feel your customers will interact with – while taking care of the complex image manipulation behind the scenes.

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