Susumu — New Precision Audio Resistor, the RS Series

Susumu, an innovative precision thin film chip resistor manufacturer, introduces the RS series, a new chip resistor series specially created for audio applications.

Thin film resistors have been known to have better frequency characteristics, less noise, and less signal distortion than other types of resistors. It seems clear that for audio applications, the natural choice should be a thin film resistor. However until now, the usage of thin film resistors has been limited to high end audio despite the fact that the most popular audio devices on the market today are smartphones and automotive audio systems. Susumu contends that the sound quality of these popular audio systems can be improved significantly by utilizing thin film resistors, such as Susumu’s RG series. However, Susumu wanted to make the RG series even better for all audio systems. After numerous prototypes, simulations, and evaluations by sound professionals, Susumu discovered that design methods of resistive patterns and terminal materials had the most impact on sound quality. The RS series was born as a series of thin film resistors targeted specifically for high quality Hi Fi audio applications.

The RS series is a perfect solution for any sound circuits including digital analog converter circuits. If you are interested in improving the sound quality of your audio devices, from high end to personal mobile devices, Susumu’s RS series is the answer to your needs.



  • Current noise: -40dB or less (typical)
  • Frequency performance: up to GHz level (depending on resistance value)
  • Tolerance: ±0.1%, ±0.5%
  • TCR: ±25ppm
  • Resistance range: 47-100KΩ
  • Power ratings: 1/16W (1005 size), 1/8W (2012 size)
  • Gold terminal a Thin film resistors vailable upon request