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Revolutionizing Design for Highly Space-Constrained Applications

Electronic equipment used in our factories, buildings, and many other applications is getting smarter and smaller. Shrinking space and thermal budgets are driving the miniaturization of components. This presents a challenge for analog ICs and, in particular, for the power supply components.

Himalaya micro system-level IC (uSLIC) DC-DC power modules offer the smallest packages available, while accepting a wide input voltage from 4.0V to 42V. The Himalaya uSLIC power modules leverage advanced packaging technology to shrink the power supply solution size by 2.25 times. This is achieved by integrating a synchronous wide-input Himalaya buck converter—which includes built-in FETs, compensation, and additional functions—with an inductor.

The combination of these components results in ultra-small power modules that can be used in highly space-constrained systems while complying with JESD22-B103/B104/B111 mechanical and CISPR 22 EMI standards.


  • Wide input voltage: input voltages from 4V to 42V enable more robust operation for 12V and 24V nominal industrial applications
  • High efficiency: 90% peak efficiency in less than 15mm2 solution size provides high power density and superior thermal performance
  • Small solution size: 2.25x smaller compared to similar solutions minimizes PCB area required

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