Microchip — Core-Agnostic 32-bit MCU Solutions for Auto, Appliances and Industrial Control


PIC32MK MCUs offer a range of communications peripherals combined with a rich feature set of high performance analog motor control functions.

PIC32MK family devices combine 32-bit, 120Mhz performance with up to 1MB of Flash memory, and a rich peripheral set targeting applications such as motor control, industrial control and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and multichannel CAN applications.

Motor Control Integration including:

  • 7 12-bit 3.75-MSPS each ADC cores
  • 3 12-bit DAC
  • 4 OpAmps
  • 5 analog comparators
  • 12 16-bit PWM timers
  • 6 quadrature encoder interfaces

Sensorless Single Motor Drive with PIC32MK

By utilizing the internal OpAmps of the PIC32MK we reduce the need for external devices. Additionally, with the multiple ADC conversion cores of this series, we can dedicate an ADC per motor phase that we want to measure, rather than sharing the conversion of 2 or more phases on a single ADC. This reduces code complexity and offers increased resolution, as we are capturing more samples per phase without having to calculate complex timing between phases on a single ADC. Internal high speed comparators with PWM fault triggering are also used as overcurrent protection across the two measured phases.

SAM C Cortex®-M0+ Based Microcontroller (MCU) Series Builds on Decades of Innovation and Experience in Embedded Flash Microcontroller Technology

It not only sets a new benchmark for flexibility and ease-of-use but also combines the performance and energy efficiency of an ARM Cortex-M0+ based MCU with an optimized architecture and peripheral set. SMART SAM C devices are truly differentiated 5V microcontrollers that are ideal for home appliances, industrial control and other 5V applications. CAN-FD, LIN and automotive qualification up to Grade 1 make the SAM C2x series a wise choice for automotive applications such as interior seats, door locks, power windows and more.

Microchip’s SAM C2x Cortex M0+ line of microcontrollers balances single and dual motor control applications with a single, low cost, 5V MCU. Because these devices can run directly from 5V, they are the perfect MCU match for Microchip’s MCP8025 and MCP8026 BLDC gate drivers. These drivers feature an integrated 5Vout LDO AND integrated OpAmps and support up to 28V rails, making them perfect for portable battery-powered motor applications such as tools, vacuums, small robotics and toys that utilize multiple LiPO batteries.

Dual sample and hold ADCs make easy work of complex timing requirement for reconstructing Back EMF signals, and high speed comparators ensure cycle-by-cycle overcurrent limiting for increased application safety and robustness. Additionally, a Sigma-Delta type ADC is also available in the C2x family, which can be used for V/I tracking, high accuracy temperature sensing and general metrology functions.

A simplified application block diagram is shown below, representing the major connections from the SAM C2x to the power stage. As mentioned above, if used with an MPC802x series device, 5V for the MCU can be generated right from the driver chip, and both differential amplifiers are integrated into the driver for the Back EMF feedback loop.

For Hardware Development, Prototyping and Debugging

The PIC32MK GP Development Kit (DM320106) offers a low cost solution for developers looking to build projects with the PIC32MK series of devices. Customers looking to develop motor control applications should also consider PIC32MK 1024 Motor Control Plug-in Module (MA320024).

The SAM C2x series is supported with an Xplained Pro kit (ATSAMC21-XPRO) that supports Arduino style add-on boards. For BLDC motor control applications, Microchip offers a 24V development platform – ATSAMD21BLDC24V-STK – featuring a complete power stage, motor, and swappable plug-in modules that support the C21, D21 and other devices. Customers looking to develop motor control applications with the C2x series on the BLDC24V-STK kit must purchase the ATSAMC21MOTOR card.