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The LV8907 is a high performance, sensorless three-phase BLDC motor controller with integrated gate drivers for driving external N-MOSFETs. An on-chip two-stage charge pump provides required gate current for a wide range of ultra low RDS(ON) type external N-MOSFETs. The device offers a rich set of system protection and diagnostic functions such as overcurrent, over-voltage, short circuit, under-voltage, over-temperature and many more.

It supports open-loop as well as closed-loop speed control with user configurable start-up, speed setting and proportional/integral (PI) control coefficients, making it suitable for a wide range of motor and load combinations. With an in-built linear regulator for powering an external circuit, a watchdog timer and a Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceiver, the LV8907 offers the smallest system solution footprint. An SPI interface is provided for parameter setting and monitoring system health. With operating junction temperature tolerance up to 175°C and electrically LIN compatible control signals (PWM and Enable), the LV8907 is an ideal solution for standalone automotive BLDC motor control systems.

ON Semiconductor also makes it easy to design the LV8907 into any IoT application using the Internet of Things Development Kit (BLDC-GEVK). With this kit you can enhance your design with additional sensors, power control, and connectivity.


  • Evaluation kit
  • Reference design
  • Application notes
  • Firmware/software support


  • White goods
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Server/communications


  • Intelligent motor control with minimal programming
  • Sensorless commutation – selectable 120º or 150º commutation
  • Configurable for a range of motor and load combinations
  • Standalone operation with OTP memory for parameter storage
  • Integrated gate drivers for 6x N-MOSFETS in three-phase inverter configuration
  • Charge pump drive for 100% duty cycle and extended low voltage operation


  • LV8907UWR2G: sensorless three-phase brushless DC motor controller
  • LV8907UWGEVK: DC motor controller for automotive evaluation
  • BLDC-GEVK: motor controller for IoT evaluation


NVMFD5852NL – Automotive

This Automotive Power MOSFET in a 5 x 6mm flat lead package is designed for compact and efficient designs and including high thermal performance. Wettable Flank options are available for Enhanced Optical Inspection. Specifications: 40V, 44A, 6.9mΩ, Dual N-Channel.

NTMFS5C404NLT – Handheld/IoT

This Power MOSFET in a 5 x 6mm flat lead package designed for compact and efficient designs minimizes conduction and switching losses. Wettable Flank options are available for Enhanced Optical Inspection. Specifications: 40V, 370A, 0.67mΩ, single N-Channel.

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As Easy to Use As Brushed DC Motors – A Stand-alone, Automotive 3-Phase BLDC Motor Controller DC