STMicroelectronics — T-Series Triacs Change the Game in the Ever-Growing Appliance World

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The T-series Triacs in ceramic insulated TO220AB package is extended from 16A to 8A and 12A rated current. Designed for a junction operation at +150°C, this series proposes a high EMI immunity and an 800V rating for design simplification in the control of AC load and AC/DC converter.

T-Series Triacs are designed for the always increasing number of AC loads or AC/DC converters of appliances. These AC switches meet both the immunity and high-commutation needs of the latest standards while providing a very cost-effective solution.

Both immunity (dV/dt) and commutation capability (dI/dt)c are dramatically improved by design, respectively by a factor of 5 and 2, and are specified at +150°C for this 800V series. Their low gate current, 10mA to 35mA range, enables optimized power supplies and direct drive from the MCU. In addition, the trade-off of surge current ITSM versus EMI immunity dV/dt and turn-off commutation (dI/dt)c performance is further improved. This capability is unmatched in the market today.

These new Triacs increase the robustness of the appliance applications such as home appliances or industrial control, driving heater or AC motor with a higher safety margin.


  • Home appliance heating
  • AC induction or universal motor
  • AC output of automation I/O modules
  • In-rush current limiter for AC/DC converter

  • Triac current rating: 8A, 12A, 16A
  • +150°C junction operation rated
  • High noise immunity of 1kV/μs at +150°C
  • UL 1557 recognized package insulation: 2.5kV
  • Cooling ability as good as +2.1°C/W of RTHJC
  • Halogen-free and robust construction package


Part NumberT (RMS)VDRM, VRRMITSMIGT(dI/dt)cdV/dt
On-state currentOff-state voltageNon repetitive surge currentTriggering gate current Quadrants 1, 2, 3 and 4 (opt.)Turn-off commutation


Rising rate of off state  


@Tj +150°C@Tj +150°C
max. (A)max.(V)max.(A)max.(mA)min.(A/ms)min.(V/μs)
T835T-8I  88006035, 35, 3541000
T1235T-8I 128009035, 35, 3561000
T1610T-8I1680012010, 10, 105.450
T1620T-8I1680012020, 20, 204.5500
T1625T-8I1680012025, 25, 25, 256300
T1635T-8I1680012035, 35, 35121000