Triad Magnetics — Transformer with Independent Secondaries Offers Flexibility and Economy

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Electronics engineers who design power circuitry for industrial or commercial equipment often find it’s easier and more cost effective to use a power transformer with independent secondaries, which can then be configured in series or in parallel.

For this reason, Triad Magnetics has developed the PC Mount Split Pack -C2 Series Transformers. They feature a split pack bobbin design, Class F 155°C insulation and global TUV approval.

Unique Bobbin Design

The -C2 Models F and FS PC Mount Split Pack Transformers are non-concentrically wound. Both the primary windings and secondary windings are side-by-side.

Unlike standard secondary-on-top-of-primary designs, Triad’s split bobbin and low capacitive coupling eliminates costly electrostatic shielding. This offers a dual, independent secondary configuration that can be connected in series or parallel for output voltage flexibility.

Greater Creepage & Clearance

Triad’s -C2 transformers feature greater creepage and clearance for better isolation. Improvements in its construction provide spacing between the primary and secondary windings of more than 10mm, preventing arcing to enhance safety and reliability.

Dielectric Strength

The -C2 transformer’s high potential, or hipot, testing for primary-to-secondary dielectric strength is 4200 VAC versus the standard 2500 VAC. The secondary-to-secondary hipot is 2150 VAC, providing sufficient isolation for independent use of the secondaries.

Triad’s -C2 transformers feature a Class F insulation system rated to 155°C versus the industry standard Class B system that is rated to only 130°C. Therefore the -C2 can reliably operate in significantly higher ambient temperatures.

Mechanically Superior Pins

The -C2 transformer’s pins are specially designed to be 3mm wide at the base, giving them exceptional mechanical support and strength.

Higher Safety Ratings

Triad’s highly reliable -C2 transformers are UL Class 2 and 3 approved to the highest electrical standards. In addition, the dual primary parts also have TUV approval for use in the European Community and worldwide.

Specifications and Applications

  • Operating range: 1.1VA to 56VA
  • Primary: 115V or 115/230V, 50/60Hz
  • Secondary: 10V to 56V
  • Parallel/independently: 5V to 28V

-C2 transformers perform well in the manufacturing and materials processing industries with their hi-temp requirements.

Anti-Static Tube Packaging

All -C2 transformers are shipped in rugged anti-static tube packaging instead of traditional egg crate trays to protect the pins from damage during shipping. They can be received right on the production line without additional processing or inspection–saving time and money.