Yageo — Metal Alloy Current Sensing Resistor PA Series for Motor Control

Yageo’s metal alloy current sensing resistor PA series is the best choice for precise current sensing applications, with low TCR (down to 50ppm/°C), low thermal EMF, and various power options in each case size.

For motor control, this usually requires the usage of a current sensing resistor to have precise current feedback to achieve high precision motion control effectively. In addition, motors have many different sizes in order to fit different product applications, such as automotive, industrial equipment, VGA cards, home appliances etc. The motor control circuits in different applications require combinations of different sensing resistances and sensing resistors with a high permissible rated current. Therefore it is necessary to have various case sizes of this metal alloy current sensing resistor.

The case size of PA series ranges from 0201 to 2512 and includes various power rating options. This meets the requirement for motor control in different applications. The PA series is also 100% sulfur resistant so it is suitable for usage in motor control under harsh environments such as automotive, industrial equipment and home appliances.


  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • Case size: 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, 2512
  • Resistance range: 0.5mΩ to 100mΩ
  • Jumper in size 0201 to 1206 is available
  • TCR: ±50, ±75, ±100, ±150ppm/°C
  • Tolerance: ±1%, ±5%
  • Power rating: 1/20W to 3W
  • Low thermal EMF

  • Automotive
  • Motor control
  • Industrial equipment
  • VGA card
  • Home appliances