NXP — QN9080: Low-Power Bluetooth® 5 Certified Arm® Cortex®-M4 MCUs

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Supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the QN9080 MCU is designed to power the next generation of ultra-small, portable connected wireless devices.

QN9080 MCUs offer an ultra-low power, high performance and highly integrated BLE solution for Bluetooth Smart applications, and are specifically designed for wearable electronics with a small capacity battery, such as sports and fitness devices, for example.

QN9080 MCUs integrate a BLE radio, controller and in-flash host software (protocol stack and profile) to offer a flexible and easy to use BLE SoC solution. It also includes a high performance MCU (32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F), on-chip memory, Fusion Sensor Processor (FSP), and peripherals for users to develop a true single-chip wireless solution.

QN9080 operates with a power supply range of 1.62V to 3.6V and has very low power consumption in all modes. It enables long lifetime in battery-operated systems while maintaining excellent RF performance.

The QN9080DK development board is designed to make it as easy as possible to get started with your project based on the QN9080 MCU. The QN9080DK board integrates buttons, Piezo buzzer, LED for an easy way to reset the chip and indicate chip status. The board also provides useful interfaces such as a USB port for UART communication and CMSIS-DAP debug.


  • 32MHz (max) ARM Cortex-M4F
  • Fusion Signal co-processor (FSP)
  • 512 kB Flash, 128 kB RAM
  • BLE 5.0 certified with BLE v4.2 full feature support
  • Fully integrated DC-DC and LDO
  • Low power sleep timer
  • Battery monitor
  • 16-bit high resolution general purpose ADC
  • GPIOs to further reduce overall system size and cost