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The IoT space will always require a minimal of two hardware blocks: a sensing or data collection point and a communication system. Wearable devices emphasize the need for activity tracking and location awareness while medical devices require sensor driven decision analytics. IoT applications necessitate that the wireless connectivity within the end application have low power consumption, high performance, and be small and simple to implement.

The NCT375 is a two-wire serially programmable temperature sensor with an over-temperature/interrupt output pin to signal out of limit conditions. This is an open-drain pin and can operate in either comparator or interrupt mode. Temperature measurements are converted into digital form using a high resolution (12-bit), sigma-delta, analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The device operates over the -55°C to +125°C temperature range. The device includes an open drain ALERT output which can be used to signal that the programmed temperature limit has been exceeded.

ON Semiconductor’s new RSL10 system in package module (SiP) now integrates the antenna filtering, power management, and passive components to provide an easy design-in experience. RSL10 offers the industry’s lowest power consumption in Deep Sleep Mode and Rx Mode, without sacrificing system size or performance – both of which are critical factors.

ON Semiconductor’s portfolio of capacitive touch, passive infrared, and temperature sensing devices along with the RSL10 provides any connected device with advanced wireless features while minimizing battery drain.


  • Reference design and application notes
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)


  • In-home and industrial climate control
  • Wireless-enabled low voltage devices
  • Fitness trackers, wearables, medical, and IoT applications
  • Smart locks: capacitive touch and/or BLE 5 enabled control
  • Lighting control: Ultra-low-power operation enables energy harvesting


  • Long term sensing monitoring and beacon communication
  • Advanced wireless and ultra-low power (62.5 nW Deep Sleep Mode) communication
  • All-in-one compact solution: integrated antenna, filtering, and power management (RSL10 SiP)

Temperature Sensing BLE Node

The Devices and Evaluation Tools to Use

Sensing Devices

Passive Infrared DetectorNCS36000Available Now
Capacitive Touch SensorLC717A30UJAvailable Now
Digital Temperature SensorNCT375Available Now

Sensing Evaluation Tools

Passive infrared shield for use with IoT Dev KitPIR-GEVBAvailable Now
Capacitive touch shield for use with IoT Dev KitTS-GEVBAvailable Now
Temperature Sensing BLE NodeRSL10 + NCT375Coming Q3’18

BLE 5 Communication Devices

Radio System on Package - CSPNCH-RSL10-101WC51-ABGAvailable Now
Radio System on Package - QFNNCH-RSL10-101Q48-ABGAvailable Now
Radio System in PackageNCH-RSL10-101S51-ACGComing Q3’18

BLE 5 Communication Evaluation Tools

RSL10 Development BoardRSL10-002GEVBAvailable Now
USB BLE Eval DongleRSL10-USB001GEVKComing Q3’18