Renesas — Enhanced DSP-Optimized MCUs for Vital Sensor-Based Applications


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By moving a system’s data and signal processing closer to the sensor, system designers can decrease size, cost, latencies, bandwidth requirements, and power consumption.

Near Sensor Processing
Wearable devices with improved sensor hubs provide first responders (such as firefighters and EMTs) the ability to safely navigate dangerous areas and monitor for temperature and carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide Detection — Temperature — Infrared Vision

These sensor-based subsystems face increasing pressure to reduce size, weight and power (SWaP), while also lowering cost and system complexity. Yet today’s sensor hubs are being required to offer more advanced, accurate data management in applications like activity monitoring.

RX Enables Near Sensor Processing
Changing batteries for the 20 billion “things” connected to the “Internet of Things” is no small challenge. Low power operation and very low stand-by current are critical to maximizing battery life in IoT edge nodes and sensor hubs. The entry-level, ultra-low power RX100 series provides extremely efficient 100μA/MHz power in operating mode and consumes as little as 320nA while in sleep mode. On the other hand, it “snaps to attention” in no time, activating from the deepest sleep mode in only 4.8μs.

Catch the Near Sensor Processing Wave with RX Microcontrollers
Sensor hubs and sensor-based subsystems are proliferating in a variety of different application environments. Near sensor processing involves moving the system’s data and signal processing closer to the sensor, allowing systems to decrease in size and cost, improve latencies, reduce bandwidth requirements, and lower power consumption. With industry-leading performance, enhanced DSP capability, and ultra-low power, the RX family of microcontrollers from Renesas provides the perfect processing platform for these sensor-enabled platforms, and easy migration across the entire RX portfolio provides maximum flexibility for all your sensor processing needs.

RX MCUs: Ideal for Fast, Efficient Near Sensor Processing
RX MCUs include the high-performance RXv2 32-bit CPU core with enhanced digital signal processing capability – a critical element for near-sensor processing.

The RX DSP instruction set supports single-cycle multiply and hardware-based divide capability, which coupled with the core’s Floating Point Operation Unit and 32-bit barrel shifter provide real-time processing capability critical for today’s IoT solutions. Optimum performance is a key requirement for near-sensor processing to ensure that the maximum amount of data and signal processing is occurring “at the source.”

The RXv2 CPU core, offering 2.00 DMIPS per MHz and 4.25 CoreMark™ per MHz, can meet the most demanding sensor processing performance needs. And to ensure that sensor data is processed and stored quickly and efficiently, RX MCUs are the only solutions available today that use our industry-leading 40nm embedded flash process with zero wait states up to 120 MHz, integrating up to 4 MB Flash and 512 KB SRAM.

Order an RX Starter Kit to get started today:

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